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Pavel Shabalin (1961) – Soul of Ice climbing

8 мар , 2019  

Whatever I would say for Pavel, who is called Pasha or Tsar, is not adequate. I should count so many peaks he climbed that  I could not put them all on one page and finish with the Western face of K2 peak (8611 m). I should mention missing parts of the fingers lost on Annapurna (8091 m).  I should not miss his national and international activity in mountaineering associations. But above all, I should mention his work in developing Ice climbing. I am working for Ice climbing community for more than 10 years and I am sure that without Pavel that unique sport will disappear a long time ago. Not only that he put his energy, knowledge, but he involved so many young climbers, including his daughter Maria Tolokonina (currently the first in the world in women’s lead and second in women’s speed). Pavel perfectly fits my vision of somebody who likes sport, first, he proved himself in sport, then he learned a lot in order that he taught others and finally he fought to develop the sport. I could just imagine what will Pavel manage in some bigger sport. Thus, the small community of Ice climbers should be aware of people who made the foundation of their sport, since climbing a great hill would not be possible if you do not know where are you coming from.


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